Snapshot_20121204_1_zps7bccd8f5-1_zpse8c78b3c 734814_4368091157470_942659176_n_zps061720b7-1_zps94205c7a Hey you! Yes you! I'm Violet or Vampy. I'm also known as VampyVicious for being a disk jockey. I was born May 10th,1994 soo that makes me 19 =D As of right now, I live in Saint Louis, MO. To be exact, a suburb called Affton. This is my site that should have all of my mixes. http://mixes.djfez.com/djs/vampyvicious/ along with http://www.mixcloud.com/VampyVicious/ I enjoy doing my hair and other people's hair. I'm genderqueer. I do drag. I'm in a relationship with a girl named Haley and I haven't felt this way in a long time about anyone. ^-^ My biological sex is female. So.....wanna learn part of my mind? Look at my stuff =] PLURR ♥ oh also, umm another note, if you ask me the questions thingies, put down the number and the question. I have alot of the ask me a number things and I blog alot so forget what the questions are. >.<" Quotes: "I enjoy weird people, they have the balls to be themselves, makes them unique and more individual" lgbt community